At IPRONA, we pride ourselves not just on the unparalleled quality of our ingredients, but also on our effort of doing ethical business and on keeping carefully control over our environmental impact as suppliers.

The European supply chain is based on a long-standing partnership with reliable cooperatives and includes also storage and pre-processing. As a result of this flawless system, IPRONA has full control and is able to provide leakless traceability. That allows a finished extract to be tracked back to its place of origin.

Though the various treatment requirements of the US FDA, EU and Asian guidelines are not identical, we are committed to meeting or exceeding the regulations of all countries in which we do business. Furthermore, IPRONA is certified fully to ISO 14001, the voluntary international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system and provides a wide range of other certifications.

Place of origin

The blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) variety got its name “Blackdown” from its large and deep black berries. It is juicy and flavourful with a distinctive musky taste. Ribes nigrum ‘Blackdown’ grows in and around the Loire Valley in France. The soil is rich in nutrients with ideal properties to grow blackcurrants. The perfect climate and the right altitude, in combination with this excellent variety contributes to the unique anthocyanin profile found in CurrantCraft®.

The cooperative

IPRONA chooses to work with European cooperatives to keep transportation routes short and environmental footprint small. For CurrantCraft® we work in close cooperation with the french cooperative “Les Vergers D’Anjou”. The farmers “Les Vergers D’Anjou” provide generations of experience and knowledge.

Vertical supply chain

Our fully controlled supply chain incorporates all the steps from growing a raw material - including the use of pesticides and fungicides - to creating and selling a product. In this way, we have gained important knowledge about the product and its marketability, helping us offer higher-quality products to our partners.


Because the supply chain is fully controlled by IPRONA, including storage and pre-processing, we embrace the implementation of full traceability that allows a finished extract to be precisely tracked back to its farm of origin, guaranteeing complete transparency.

Global player

Export is our daily business. As IPRONA sells over 85% of its products abroad, it is our goal to offer products that can serve the global market. For this reason, we strive to develop products that conform to the strictest regulations, putting our products under severe controls regarding pesticides, heavy metals and much more.


Our supply chain is purely European and fully controlled by IPRONA. In this way, we can guarantee not only the highest quality, but also short transportation routes and a transparent and sustainable handling of the whole process.


IPRONA AG developed and markets CurrantCraft® European Black Currant Extract as a raw material so companies can produce products containing CurrantCraft® European Black Currant Extract. Because this website can be accessed from anywhere with Internet connectivity, the information presented here is intended for informational purposes only and does not necessarily satisfy regulatory requirements of all countries. IPRONA AG makes no claims regarding the use of the finished products. All manufacturers and distributors with whom we do business are responsible for ensuring that the claims of their products comply with all regulatory requirements in effect in the locations in which their products are marketed and sold.

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